Artists For Addicts Presents “Connection: A Important Part of Successful Recovery”

British Journalist Johann Hari spent three years researching the war on drugs; along the way, he discovered that addiction is not what we think it is… watch this short, insightful video.

Johann Hari’s TED talk:

“The Opposite of Addiction isn’t Sobriety – it’s Connection”

Artists For Addicts offers a new, more compassionate and effective way to view addiction; as a massive opportunity to heal, grow and transform as a human being.

Our Mission is to harness the creative power of art as a force for good and eventually provide addicts with recovery strategies that work.  Connection, or what our friend Dr. Edward Hallowell call Vitamin “C”, is a big part of successful recovery.

Dr. Hallowell writes, “We live under the influence of a dangerous paradox: while we are far more connected electronically than ever before in history, we are disconnecting with each other as well as with the many other connections that give meaning to our lives.”

One of the central themes of Johann Hari’s new book, is Connection. In his book, Chasing the Scream, Hari reveals his discoveries entirely through the stories of people across the world whose lives have been transformed by addiction.

“I was taught by the people I met – and by the growing scientific evidence – that we are all more vulnerable to addiction now because we are increasingly isolated from each other, and from the things that give us meaning.” John writes about the book.

This short animated video is adapted from Johann’s book.  In this video they ask “What Causes Addiction?” and they offer the elimination of isolation and “Connection” as solutions:

Join our movement to change the global conversation around addiction and watch our trailer for Blackstar, the first art piece produced for Artists For Addicts.